MDF Base Plate For Mandala Art


  • MDF with smooth surface, great for decoupage, painting, staining, coloring and much more.
  • Material Approx 3mm MDF
  • Every Alphabet Height will be of the same size you select and width will be proportional.
  • Edges will be slightly charred as it is cut on Laser machine.

MDF Base Plate is the perfect starting point for any craft project. Birthday decoration, base plate for mandala art, or even a beautiful home decor piece can be made with this simple to use base plate template. This easy to use product is well worth the money for all crafters and DIY enthusiasts alike!

You can decorate the Base plate with various embellishments like rhinestones, sequins or even paint it. The possibilities are endless with this baseplate! Be sure to check out your nearest craft store today to pick up your very own MDF Base Plate!

The decoupage technique can be used with these base plates to create beautiful and unique 3D stars. Glue a picture or paper to the top of the base plate, then seal with a coat of glossy varnish. You can also use this base plate to make beautiful sun catchers. Add some beads or sequins for extra pizzazz!

You can also decorate these MDF Base Plate with alphabets to create monograms. Baseplate is perfect for adding that special touch to any gift or home décor item. Personalized monograms can be very classy and elegant, depending on how you decorate them. Decorate the base plates with wiggle eyes to resemble a fun summertime craft everyone enjoy!

When you select a size for the product, the product height will be of that size, and the width will be proportional. For example, if you choose a 3-inch size, the product height will be 3 inches, and the width will be proportional.

Also explore or vast collection of Base Plates for your next project. We have Base plates in various shapes like Circle, Square, Triangle. We also have Alphabets in various fonts & to know more about Art & Craft check out our articles section.

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